Lecture Video Maker

generates YouTube-ready videos from your Google Slides.



  1. Install the add-on for Google Slides from Google Workspace Marketplace.

  2. Record your voice OR synthesize the speech from notes on each slide.

  3. Just press the [generate video] button on the sidebar.

  4. Wait for some minutes...

  5. The generated video will be downloaded on your computer.

Guides and Turials are available!


Voice over in each slide

You can make your speech slide by slide and record it. If you want to update the speech voice, just replace it on the specific slide. There is no need for re-recording the full length.

Speech synthesis (optional)

Speech synthesis from the text in slide notes is supported. The tool uses Google Cloud Text-to-Speech service to synthesize the natural voice. (To enable this feature, you have to obtain an API key generated by Google Cloud Platform. It is easy to get and with monthly free capacity for 1 million letters' voice synthesis.)

Sound and movie embedding

You can embed sounds and movies within the video. Movie embedding is helpful to show the how-to process, and sound embedding can impress the point to get the viewers' attention. (Note that the tool doesn't have the desktop capturing functionality.)

BGM overlay

The tool overlays the uploaded BGM to the video. Looped mode and one-time mode are available. The Fade-out effect is applicable to the latter.

Resource files export

The pictures, speeches, and texts in slides are all exportable by the tool. Extracted resources are saved on your Google Drive.


Personal Subscription

$3 /month

1 License / 1 GMail Account

Domain Subscription

$33 /month

1 License / 1 GMail Domain

  • There is no functional difference between the two subscriptions except the licensing scheme.

  • Domain subscription is provided as an upgrade option for Personal Subscription users. Please subscribe to the personal plan first when you want to subscribe to the domain plan.

Free Trial for 3 weeks!

During the trial, every feature is available without restriction. Have a try!


  • Video generation is processed within your web browser. It requires sufficient memory and processing power. It is not recommended to use the tool with a low-performance computer.

  • Transitions and shape animations set in slides are ignored since there are no technical means to capture such information by Google Editor Add-On.

  • The intended use of the tool is to making lecture or explanatory videos with low frame rates. It does not have rich design capability.


  • The tool reads the content of your Google Slides but never transfers it anywhere else.

  • The tool writes and reads resource files, such as exported screenshots, synthesized speech voices, on your Google Drive but never transfers them. Read data is processed within the tool and your web browser.

  • Enlight LLC holds the contact information to you, including your GMail address and name. Other sensitive information like credit card numbers is not known to us.